About Us

Cleopetra offers the most amazing accessories for you and your best friends. Our company specializes in enamel tags for pets. All pets need identification. Tag with Style and Flair. Our tags are charming.
All of our tags are made from lead free pewter and hand painted with colorful enamel. Many of our designs incorporate the finest Swarovski Crystals. Our gold tags are plated in 22k gold. We offer three sizes of tags Tiny (the size of a dime), Small (the size of a nickel), or Large (the size of a quarter). Our very popular Alphabet tags come in 2 sizes Tiny and Regular.  We have the best and largest selection of tags.
We design and manufacture high quality products in our own facility in San Francisco. We have been in business since 2003 and are the best pet tag company in America and through out the world.
Cleopetra tags can be found in finer Pet Boutiques or purchased on our website.